PerFORM PRO ENCR 2.00=?24 !5 Afault @._Bfault @._Cfault @._Dfault @._Efault @._Ffault @._Gfault @._Hfault @._Ifault @._Jfault @ ._Kfault @ ._Lfault @ ._Mfault @ ._Nfault @ ._Ofault @._Pfault @._Qfault @._Rfault @._Sfault @._Tfault @._Ufault @._Vfault @._Wfault @._Xfault @._Yfault @._Zfault @._AAault @._Times New RomanArial"Modern2AlgerianRXa $62,b):e1a   /WPD .WDREQUEST FOR BAND  (FOR USE OF THIS FORM SEE FL REG 220-1) 4b)e1a  0l/O 0.OTO  I Corps Band ATTN: Operations Ft Lewis, WA 98433-9501 b,e1a  #N#NFROM8œ)1a  7WL6WLEVENT6)1a  w/Lv/LLOCATION,1a  OWGLNWFLPERFORMANCE DATE,1a  w-eK v-KPERFORMANCE TIME FROM TO ,G)31a  0K 0KTYPE OF MUSICAL SUPPORT REQUIRED (CEREMONIAL/CONCERT/STAGE BAND, ETC.) G,t)3[1a  WWwKVWvKSPECIAL MUSIC REQUEST t,)[1a  ?!gJ>!fJUNIFORM5P)>1a  oWI nWISENIOR OFFICIAL HONORED P0>P1a  _!I^!IUNIT POC1,P1a  G!HF!HPOC PHONE NO5,. )1a  wWH vWH SEQUENCE OF EVENTS IS ATTACHED WILL BE FORWARDED. NOTE: Band Scheduling Officer may cancel any performance where no contact has been made and/or no sequence of events has been received by the 10th working day prior to the performance date. ,)Z1a  o!GHn!FHREMARKS (Requests for band support will only be considered if all elements of the request are in complete compliance with FL Reg 220-1.)V)Z)0a  W4WTYPED NAME AND UNIT OF OFFICER PREPARING REQUESTV,)Z0a  !!PHONE NO.V))0a  WWSIGNATUREV,)0a  o"n"DATE,)0a   W"V"FOR I CORPS BAND USE ONLYK 0)0a  WWDATE REQUEST RECEIVEDK, 00a  "~"LOG NUMBER0,g)0a   VHV APPROVED DISAPPROVED (SEE REMARKS SECTION)g)I0a  GVFVBAND SCHEDULING OFFICERgBQI0a  WVVVFAX NO.A)IQy0a  gVfVSIGNATURE6)y0a  oVnVI CORPS BAND POCB,QIy0a  DATE@6yQ0a  VVFAX NO.+1 M  ~;$U-+B1 N  #(7p>_P4H0 U  7_P0 V  Ag,QI0a  --PHONE NO.A,5Qy0a  ##PHONE NO.Jn,1p1 A  VF VF JG)1 B  Jͬ,>1 C  MJ)1 D  Uz I1 E  , f1 F  -,G)31 G  Y+Zt)C[1 H  ,)j1 I  P)>1 J  P#>P1 K  #,P1 L  ,)Z1 O  V)k)0 P  V,)k0 Q  VJ,)0 R  iJ 0)0 S  Ji, 00 T  Q)1I0 W  QA1QI0 X  AQ,Q1I0 Y  A,QZy0 Z  6)0 AA  A6Q0  oUnU967/4101A,6Q0  UU967-4304/44185,*)0  ?/>/HFL FORM 531, 1 DEC 96 PREVIOUS EDITIONS OF THIS FORM ARE OBSOLETE:y1  =:P->1  ĢP< M0  'P<; M3E0  
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