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56th Army Band

CW3 Robert Shoaf; Commanding         1SG Jihad Cabey; 1SG

Band Shops

Band Operations             Band Sound Studio           Band Library

Band Automation            Re-Up/Auditions

Band S-1             Band S-2             Band S-3            Band S-4

The following Soldiers are currently assigned to the

SFC Samuel Brown             SFC Steve Donahue

SSG Edwin Deleon            SSG Dwain Graham         SSG Tim Gladders

SSG Tom Powell               SSG Larry Tilby             SSG Lalenia Maria

SSG Mike Rousseau            SSG Steve Vik               SSG Steven McDonald

SSG Michael Tosti

SGT (P) Fred Clayton        SGT (P) Don Dickson    

SGT (P) Chris Eschenfelder     SGT (P) Mark Islas    SGT (P) J. Hughes 

SGT (P) Deloris Payne     SGT (P) Tom Wilson       SGT (P) Lita Williams   

SGT Brandon Greco        SGT Josh Simmons         SGT Josh Mowry

SGT John Neuber           SGT Don Petersen          SGT Robert Prior

SGT Martin Tousignant     SGT Charles Lueker

SPC Brad Barlow             SPC Stephen Bryant         SPC John Brower

SPC Josh Heffernan         SPC Richard Redfern       SPC Mark Saikkonnen

SPC Carey Wiley             SPC Bradley Carter          SPC Joel Felberg

SPC Scott Hamill              SPC Kendra Hodges          SPC Brandi Wible

PFC Earl Webb              PFC David Mead                PFC Eugene Iosilevich

PFC Marc DeCarli            PFC Donald Shephard      PFC Miyon Yi



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